Lancement officiel d'Ice and Green!

Pour le lancement officiel d’Ice & Green, j’ai eu le privilège d'aller à la rencontre de nos deux explorateurs polaires belges Dixie Dansercoer et Sam Deltour. Ils entameront dès le mois de Novembre 2011 un record mondial de distance en Antarctique (+-6.000km) pour une expédition non motorisée (en ski, en kite et à pied)  et non ravitaillée. Voici l'interview exclusive pour Ice & Green et encourageons-les à la réussite de ce défi polaire unique, extrême et qui sera au combien spectaculaire!

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- Pat Ice to Dixie and Sam - Why this adventure may be considered as a really special challenge for you both?

Dixie => I guess that I am pretty much hooked on polar travel as it has given me so much insight in life; both in the grand scheme of it, as a world citizen in society and on a personal level. The expedition itself is a big step into the unknown as the itinerary is one purely based on the presence of wind. East Antarctica is terra incognita in the purest sense of the word.  Being submitted to the unknown and having to adapt to conditions that are not in the books has always teased me. 

Sam=> To me it means a childhood dream coming true. I was 11 when I wanted to become a polar traveller and 13 when I heard about Dixie for the first time. Roald Amundsen was my hero as a young boy. I always wanted to do something on the continent 100 years after he reached the pole for the first time. I was just very lucky to meet Dixie and I’m very honoured getting the opportunity to travel with him for 100 days.

I’m looking forward to enter the pristine beauty of Antarctica, to dissolve in the endless white.  

antarctique,expédition polaire,dixie dansercoer,sam deltour,www.antarcicice.be

- Pat Ice to Dixie (left in picture) & Sam (right in picture) - What do you fear most during this world record Antarctic expedition ?

Sam=> I have very little fears.

We’re doing everything to be perfectly prepared. Whatever must happen will happen and we’ll deal with it. We’ll look for the solutions on the problems that will come our way. We’re humble subjects of the wind out there.

Dixie => I really believe that fear should not be part of any of my undertakings as they would prove that in my realm of preparations I do not feel one with the project and that i recognize my shortcomings. Being in tune, feeling the flow of thins is what I aim for. And there is no place for fear.  

Realistically, though, I know that we need to be very careful with the cold, the incredible force of the wind and the fact that we should be aware of the fact that we are out there alone. Relying on modern-time logistics would be relying on a false sense of security and safety.  

- Pat Ice to Sam - It must be a great honour for you to build up a partnership with one of the greatest Polar explorer of our century, Dixie Dansercoer....How are you preparing this challenge as a young explorer full of energy & vitality ?   

Yeah, once again, it’s a great honour being able to travel with Dixie. Dixie is coming home in Antarctica. I learn so much from him by just watching how he moves and acts down there. He never fights the winds but gently embraces them. He never curses the cold but quietly protects himself. He never curses at problems but calmly solves them. 

How do I prepare for an expedition like that? Well… lots of training. There is the physical aspect of the preparations. I go to the gym, building muscle mass and I go to the sea to go kitesurfing as much as I can. I do stretchings to keep my muscles flexible. In the mean time I’ve never paid so much attention to my diet before. My body will be 100 percent ready.

On top of that there is the mental preparation. It will be a long and monotonous trip. I do some zen-meditation and I have a huge map of Antarctica hanging next to my desk. I try to visualise what we’re up to. I analyse my strengths and weaknesses and I try to anticipate.  But I have to admit, I’m just looking forward to be out there on my ski’s with the wind in our backs and the kites guiding us to the horizon.  

antarctique,expédition polaire,dixie dansercoer,sam deltour,www.antarcicice.be

- Pat Ice to Sam - what would you recommend to youngsters willing to accomplish their dreams or/& projects?

It might sound sappy, but here it is, follow your heart! We all have those things in life that we just love to do and that make us better people, things in which we can unfold our potential and transcend our limits. Dare to go for that. Dare to talk about your dreams, send them into this world and see what happens.

It’s not always easy to follow the path of your dreams but if you’re dedicated and are willing to make the right sacrifices anything is possible.

- Pat Ice to Dixie - If I say “Ice & Green” what is your first reaction & I should one be inspired when it comes to Polar regions protection ? 

When one has had the privilege to have witnessed reclining ice extent in the Arctic or penguins in distress due to warming temperatures, wanting to react is a normal result.  When you are offered a voice and when we have the desire to motivate people to be inspired by the pure polar regions, I guess that all efforts should be directed towards in that the direction.  

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We invite you all to write here below your support messages to encourage Dixie & Sam in the success of their incredible challenge. Follow their polar expedition day by day on www.antarcticICE.be !   

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